Summer to Fall

The White Frame Events team hates to say sayonara to bikins and bbqs ! Luckily, we live and work in sunny San Diego where there is no need to brace ourselves for faux fur jackets and inside only get togethers just yet.  Still, the White Frames team likes to be one step ahead of the crowd. Late summer gives us more time to fully investigate, and evaluate, fall event trends.  Here's a quick look at two of the trends the WFE team  is reveling in for the upcoming fall season...

Man Caves!  Man cave is no longer just a fun term to reject when your husband/finance/boyfriend attempts to impede on your oh so well thought out decorating plans; it is now a bonafide WFE endorsed event trend.  No matter how hesitant you may be add it to your vocabulary, ladies.  Fall is embarrassing the sixth grade dance style of event that separates men and women.  Have a corner, or room, at your event which is outfitted with men's "treats" to keep them happy and comfortable. 

Lace is taking over fall weddings, from dresses, table cloths, down to the invitations.  The WFE team is on board with this fall favorite.  Lace seems to create that timeless vintage feel all women want.  Years from now you can look back and still be in love with that dress, table or invitation. That's right ladies, lace equals timeless.  It's the most practical of all the wedding trends.

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